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Hi, I’m Adam Green, owner of Equity Labs, and I want to tell you why our company is your best choice for contract manufacturing. For 2 years we have been a leading provider of contract manufacturing, exotic ingredients packaging, and dietary supplement formulation. Our company continues to grow and innovate so we can better meet the needs of our Draper customers.

Our marvelous customer service is something that really sets us apart. The expert staff here at Equity Labs is always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding contract manufacturing or exotic ingredients packaging. Since we launched our business, we have noticed that every customer has unique needs. That is why we have worked continually to always listen first.

Because we appreciate you, we want to let you know:

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Equity Labs enabled us to start at a lower volume to test market our product idea to a segment of our community before committing to the expense of a larger run. We were able to fine-tune the formula for a more popular taste, and they have scaled to our
Equity Labs has widened our market with innovative ideas for packaging and delivery. We are now selling vitamin packs in specialized doses for athletes, elderly, and dieters, which has established ‘convenience’ as one of our differentiating advantages in

Thanks for visiting our site. If you are in the Draper area and need contract manufacturing, we hope that you will think of Equity Labs. Give us a call at 801-809-7766.