Draper exotic ingredients packaging deals

Some Provo folks like to take it slow. First they dip a toe. Maybe lean down and swirl their hand in the pool just to get a feel for the temperature. See if immersion’s really going to work. When it comes to working through the ins and outs of contract manufacturing, exotic ingredients packaging, or dietary supplement formulation your friends at Equity Labs really make a splash!

We invite our friends in the Provo, St. George, and Sandy areas to challenge the competition’s claims. Dive in and see how we compare. We’re confident you’ll be surprised.

I’m Adam Green, Contract Manufacturing Specialist at Equity Labs. Welcome to our blog. Thanks for visiting.

Equity Labs works hard to provide the energy and knowledge about contract manufacturing and exotic ingredients packaging that our community deserves. Our team makes an exceptional contribution to the world of dietary supplement formulation and I know you will be in good hands. I am quite lucky to work with such a great and expert staff.

Meet us at our website or come down and see us. We are accessible to a wide area both in Draper all the way to Salt Lake City.

Many direct marketing companies have tested the water before you and some have shared that experience:

Equity Labs helped us formulate a more efficient tablet that increased our overall nutrition while reducing costs. We were able to increase our profit and deliver a higher quality product without the added expense. I wish we had discovered them before we

Equity Labs enabled us to start at a lower volume to test market our product idea to a segment of our community before committing to the expense of a larger run. We were able to fine-tune the formula for a more popular taste, and they have scaled to our

Equity Labs has widened our market with innovative ideas for packaging and delivery. We are now selling vitamin packs in specialized doses for athletes, elderly, and dieters, which has established ‘convenience’ as one of our differentiating advantages in

Before you take the expensive route, paddle over to our place and test out the waters. It’s going to be refreshing -Adam