Equity Labs Known For Quality In Draper If you are looking for contract manufacturing in Draper, you are at the right place. I am Adam Green of Equity Labs. I have been providing contract manufacturing, exotic ingredients packaging, and dietary supplement formulation since 2017.

If you are in the market for contract manufacturing, you want someone with years of experience. Why sacrifice quality and expertise to save a few bucks?

I have helped many direct marketing companies with contract manufacturing and related products and services. It’s not just my profession, it’s my passion. I also know how to provide quality exotic ingredients packaging and dietary supplement formulation.

I serve vitamin distributors and health and nutrition manufacturers in the Salt Lake City area and online. Would you like to discuss your contract manufacturing project? Call me at 801-809-7766 for a no-pressure consultation.

Here is a recommendation from one of my customers:

Equity Labs has widened our market with innovative ideas for packaging and delivery. We are now selling vitamin packs in specialized doses for athletes, elderly, and dieters, which has established ‘convenience’ as one of our differentiating advantages in

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