Draper contract manufacturing best price

7. How can I best increase my muscle mass?
Equity Labs helps grow all 20+ muscles it takes to smile when you discover we have what you are looking for. We are prepared to meet with you about contract manufacturing, exotic ingredients packaging and dietary supplement formulation at your convenience. Lift those cheeks all the way!

6. Why haven’t I told everyone?
You may be smiling but you are still a little hesitant. Be at ease. Let us share what other direct marketing companies, vitamin distributors and health and nutrition manufacturers have been telling us:

  • Equity Labs helped us formulate a more efficient tablet that increased our overall nutrition while reducing costs. We were able to increase our profit and deliver a higher quality product without the added expense. I wish we had discovered them before we
  • Equity Labs enabled us to start at a lower volume to test market our product idea to a segment of our community before committing to the expense of a larger run. We were able to fine-tune the formula for a more popular taste, and they have scaled to our
  • Equity Labs has widened our market with innovative ideas for packaging and delivery. We are now selling vitamin packs in specialized doses for athletes, elderly, and dieters, which has established ‘convenience’ as one of our differentiating advantages in


5. What am I waiting for?
Our phone number: 801-809-7766

4. Where is Equity Labs located?
Centrally located in Draper, Utah we see people come in from Salt Lake City to Provo to St. George to Sandy and everywhere in between. Come down and see us or visit us on the web:

Equity Labs
Main Street
Draper, Utah 84004

3. When do I get to meet with the expert staff at Equity Labs?

Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (And the internet is open 24 hours.)

2. Who is Adam Green?

Adam Green is Contract Manufacturing Specialist at your resource for contract manufacturing– Equity Labs. This is the person you’ll want to bring any concerns to. You can be confident we’ve got what you need and we’ll take care of you!

1. Isn’t that fantastic information?
Well, yes it is. In fact, that is what we strive for every single day… to answer the critical questions for our neighbors in Draper and everywhere nearby and keep them building those smiling muscles.